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Reviving heritage with modern appeal

Nivada Grenchen watches have been part of the Swiss watchmaking landscape since 1926, when Jacob Schneider founded the brand in Grenchen. In 1976, his son Max took over the company. In the United States, the Croton Company was the official distributor of all Nivada Grenchen watches, which explains why some timepieces bear the Croton signature. In 1930, Nivada Grenchen was one of the first companies to manufacture automatic watches.

Launched in 1961, the Chronomaster, a chronograph water-resistant to 200 meters, was one of Nivada Grenchen’s biggest bestsellers until it was discontinued in late 1970s. The Swiss brand had always been renowned for performance and reliability in extreme conditions. In 2018, after years of dormancy, the brand was reborn under the impetus of Guillaume Laidet with two iconic models, including the famous Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver.


Leveraging historic precision and craftsmanship

Excelsior Park’s prestigious past inspires us to make our watches with the same fine craftsmanship that the brand has historically been known for. A tribute to our traditions of quality and excellence, Excelsior Park takes pride in the innovation and implementation of the latest skills and technologies of our industry, all of which are carried out in our classic design and meticulous execution. This gives Excelsior Park a unique timelessness, one that keeps our gaze in the past while allowing us to set our sights to the future.


Military heritage meets contemporary design

A watchmaker with a vision, the Praesidus Watch Co. was founded in 2019 with the goal of not only bringing the art of watchmaking back to America, but also of reviving the incredible untold stories of courage, heroism and patriotism of American servicemen so that their many stories of heroism are never forgotten. With American assembly based out of Pennsylvania, the brand initially brought the story of 101st Airborne D-Day Veteran Tom Rice and his A-11 service watch out into the world, and has since grown to include additional stories from other WWII veterans. All in a concerted effort to produce and develop authentic re-edition field watches, not only for a new generation of military history enthusiasts, but also for genuine watch lovers who appreciate honest, well-made and well-designed timepieces, and most importantly for those who appreciate the history and the stories that come with them.


Embracing direct-to-consumer luxury

Known for its dedication to crafting luxury timepieces at accessible prices, Filippo Loreti produces high-quality watches like the Ascari and Venice collections. By maintaining vertical integration in Montrichard, the brand ensures exceptional value for its customers. Inspired by the Italian concept of La Dolce Vita, Filippo Loreti draws inspiration from the beauty of Lake Como.

With its Swiss operations originally based in Chiasso, Filippo Loreti seamlessly blends Italian craftsmanship with Swiss precision. Situated at the gateway to Lake Como, Chiasso reflects a harmonious blend of Renaissance architecture and modern innovation. Just like the brand’s timepieces, Chiasso embodies timeless elegance and sophistication.


Pioneering traditional and contemporary timepiece customization

UNDONE is dedicated to timekeeping by offering personalized watches that trascends trends. We aim to inspire individuality, one custom watch at a time.

Our vision is a world where people cherish watches not just as timekeeping instruments but as tangible expressions of their unique identities. UNDONE seeks to lead this transformation, merging innovation with the timeless tradition of watchmaking.


Offering unparalleled designs with unique customization options

Ewatchfactory Corp is an Authorized manufacturer for Disney watches under license. In operation for over 20 years, Ewatchfactory started as one of the first watch distributors for a “Create Your Own” personalized Watch. It has since become focused on designing and fulfilling licenses and branded watches for the U.S and Canadian market. Ewatchfactory is the official distributor of U.S.A’s top e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, Kohls, and many more. The major licensed brands found in their portfolio include Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros., and Ewatchfactory’s own Red Balloon etc.


Innovation in watchmaking. Swiss precision meets Parisian sophistication.

The design of the SpaceOne watches is inspired by space exploration & the design era known as the “space-age” that became popular during the original space race of the 60s.

This initial collection includes a range of limited edition models made with three different high-quality materials: Stainless Steel, Titanium & Forged Carbon.


Featuring hard-wearing, flight-ready, functional timepieces

Born in The Doubs gorges in 1857, Chronofixe boasts over 100 years of legendary history in creating military pilot watches. In a quest to revive the legacy of French military pilots’ fortitude in battles past, our brand was reborn.