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Watch Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions

Established over 20 years ago, Montrichard Group is your solution to watch manufacturing and watch global distribution. With watch manufacturing in Switzerland and China, marketing offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Europe, Montrichard supports brands and licensed watch manufacturers in the rapid expansion of their watch divisions.


Why choose montrichard group ?

Montrichard group is a very experienced watch manufacturer allowing to quickly answer to demanding requirements. Montrichard Group offers with their partner, FINS, the first easy-to-use complete supply chain solution tailored to the watch industry market.

  • Experienced Watch Manufacturer
  • Smartwatch Manufacturer
  • Just-in-time Manufacturing
  • Automated web-based solution FINS

What is FINS

FINS is a complete turnkey merchandising and manufacturing web-based solution helping watch brands to manage their end-to-end supply chain processes. FINS allows our customers to manage and follow every aspect of their supply chain with real-time information and combines different features from product design to after sales services in an easy-to-use platform. FINS is the ultimate tool to optimize the entire supply chain dedicated to serve the watch industry.

Who are our clients?

Montrichard Group provides business solutions in the different stages of brand management to our clients.

01 - Brand rebuilding and management

01 - Brand rebuilding and management

01 - Brand rebuilding and management