Montrichard Group


Over the years, Montrichard has developed a unique expertise. This includes the ability to receive thousands of orders for only one or a few pieces and to process them through an inventory management system. Subsequently, we assemble, inspect, test, and drop ship these orders within a time period of 7 to 14 days.

With prestigious customers and our fully automated IT system, we offer specific replenishment programs directly fromour manufacturing facilities to stores or distributors worldwide. Our Just In Time (JIT) program optimizes inventory management by reducing in-process inventory and associated costs, improving ROI, quality, and efficiency.

The JIT Inventory System offers numerous benefits tailored to each company’s unique needs as listed below:
Set up times are significantly reduced in the factory.
The flow of goods from warehouse to shelves are improved.
Increased emphasis on supplier relationships.
Supplies continue around the clock keeping workers productive and businesses focused on turnover.


FINS Solutions is the 1st Cloud ERP solution created specifically for the watch industry supporting Just-In-Time manufacturing. FINS uses lean inventory practices, micro-manufacturing and advanced merchandising with end-to-end traceability, managed by an online portal customized for your watch brand.

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