Montrichard Group


Unlock Brand Success with Strategic Brand Assessment – Montrichard’s Brand Assessment service offers the essential first step in transforming your product plan into a strategic roadmap for long-term brand success.

Revolutionize Your Brand with Product Design and Innovation – Montrichard’s Product Design and Innovation service leads the way with revolutionary designs and innovation. Our dedicated design team accompanies you through every step of the process, from ideation to implementation.

Prototyping And Testing – Montrichard Group uses CNC prototyping machinery as well as stereolithography equipment if needed. By leveraging this know-how, our design team has the possibility to correct any details at low cost and produce 3D prototypes within hours.

Quality Assurance – Address quality issues at various stages of product development to ensure that it meets the required quality standards and fulfills customer expectations. Montrichard will guide you in every step of this process.

Packaging Design – Montrichard will help you create a distinct packaging that will present your brand identity, relay significant information, safeguard your product and market it to appeal to your target customers.

Product Portfolio & Expansion – Montrichard will help you properly position your product to increase market reach, address diverse customer needs, capitalize on market trends, create cross-selling opportunities and enhance revenue and profitability.

Sourcing And Procurement – Successfully bringing a final product to the market will depend on properly identifying and acquiring high quality and cost efficient raw materials, selecting reliable suppliers, creating a timely production plan and complying with responsible procurement practices and regulations.

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